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Villa Lions coach encouraged by recent performance

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Coach Auckland “Pin Up” Jarvis is heartened by the recent performance of the Villa Lions team in the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association’s (ABFA) Premier Division.

A 2-1 win against Liberta Black Hawks and a 5-0 drubbing of Five Islands last Sunday, have propelled Villa Lions into third place behind leaders All Saints United and Jennings Grenades in the16-team top domestic league.

Jarvis said the recent win against five islands in which striker Joshua Ferdinand scored twice has invigorated the Villa Lions camp which is now bubbling with confidence.

“The feeling in the camp is good. The last few games, our striker, who had been struggling, scored a few goals. We had him on the bench and he came on and scored two late goals to really pump the team up,” Jarvis said.

“There are other young players that got their first goal in that game. Shawn Tomlinson joined the team for his first game and got a goal and an assist. Now Judah Christian played his first game and created the second goal.

“So, within the camp, the guys are very high spirited so we got a lot of good performances from the guys in the last game so that really proved that we are going forward, moving forward.”

Jarvis said the Villa Lions are looking forward to continuing their good form with another win when they face Ottos Rangers in the first game in the 8th week of matches at the ABFA’s Technical Center at 7 pm today, Friday, 20th January.

He adds that Villa Lions will also be strengthened with the return of national midfielder Ronaldo Flowers from a lengthy spell on the sideline due to injury, Cuban Striker Pocholo and defender Timothy Sanasie, who is in the process of getting a transfer from premier league team SAP.

“Yeah, we are looking forward to it with high spirits. Looking forward to getting another win to keep the team going forward,” Jarvis said.

“There is a good spirit within the camp and there are a few things happening within the camp that we are trying to get fully sorted out. But we are confident that it’s going to happen and the guys are very confident.

“We have Ronaldo Flowers who is cleared to play again. He probably won’t play this game, but cleared to play also is Timothy Sanasie coming in from SAP and he is also a nice young defender.

“The main thing about it though is the Spanish striker we had with us for the past few years should be arriving today (yesterday Thursday) as we speak.

“So, the spirit in the camp is very optimistic looking forward. We are getting better as a team, and we want to keep working together and keep winning games.”

The Premier Division league will continue with a triple header at the ABFA Technical Center tomorrow.

Greenbay Hoppers will face Old Road at 4pm, Swetes take on Tryum at 6 pm and Pigotts Bullets face Parham at 6 pm.

In Sunday’s triple header at the same venue, Cedar Grove Blue Jays will oppose All Saints United at 4 pm, Jennings Grenades will tackle Empire at 6pm and Five Islands will clash with SAP at 8 pm.

Liberta Black Hawks will challenge Willikies at 7 pm on Monday, 23rd January.

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