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King Charles is the United Kingdom’s new monarch 

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By Shahein fitzpatrick

His Majesty, King Charles Philip Arthur George has succeeded his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Wednesday, September 8, 2022, at 96, as the United Kingdom’s new monarch.

Based on British laws of ascension, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son became king and the head of state of the United Kingdom and the 14 Commonwealth realms upon her death.

The Accession Council will formally proclaim the new sovereign at St. James’s Palace in London within 24 hours of a monarch’s death, however, Charles’ formal coronation may take months or even longer.

On Thursday, King Charles III described the death of his beloved mother “a moment of great sadness”.

With the Queen making history as the UK’s longest reigning monarch, having sat on the throne for 70 years and 214 days, the former Prince of Wales has the distinction of having waited the longest to ascend to the throne and also the oldest.

For his entire life, 73 years, he has been groomed to one day become king under the stern, dutiful and disciplined mother eye of his mother.

British reporter David Bruer, who works for ABC, discussed Charles’ upbringing under the direction and guidance of his late mother.

According to Bruer, “King Charles is anticipated to be the most prepared king Britain has ever had after 70 years.”

At a press conference celebrating his mother’s 92nd birthday, King Charles formally recognised his mother’s status calling her, “Your Majesty” which he followed with a more endearingly “Mummy” later in his speech.

When Charles was just three years old, in 1952, his mother was crowned queen, and his future was set. According to Bruer, Charles had a challenging upbringing as his mother prioritised duty and service above all else.

He was crowned Prince of Wales in 1969, and now, at 73, the United Kingdom will welcome him to the throne as King Charles III, the name by which he has chosen to be known as he now begins his reign.

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