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Community Connect Initiative makes positive impact

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Foreign Affairs Minister, E. P. Chet Greene, has reported that the Community Connect Initiative, funded by the government of Indonesia, has been very successful and should be replicated in other communities.

During a courtesy call this week by Indonesia’s new ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Tatang Razak, Greene informed the diplomat that the computers and supporting equipment have been successfully deployed in the Liberta Empowerment Centre.

“I wish to place on record my appreciation for the equipment donated to the Empowerment Centre in my community, in fact, it could be any community.

“I am now holding discussions with the Honorary Consul (Paul Ryan) with respect to replicating the programme in other communities across the country.

“The equipment, to include computers, desks, chairs, air condition units and a recording studio, have served the community well. I can assure you that the equipment has been put to good use,” Greene reported.

He revealed that during the summer school break, students from the area availed themselves of the use of the computers at the centre to carry out a number of tasks.

“A number of our musically inclined residents of the community, as well as others from across Antigua and Barbuda, have been using the studios. So, the idea is to improve what we have [and] provide opportunities for communities where talents abound.

“ So, Mr. Ryan, I want you to start the conversation now about equipping at least one other community as soon as possible,” he urged.

Greene said he would recommend St. Mary’s as the next site for a Community Connect Centre.

“We are looking at an area from Jennings to Old Road that may benefit from such facilities being made available to residents,” he disclosed.

The St. Paul MP noted these projects are not politically connected as there is no desire to embroil Indonesia, a friendly government, in Antigua and Barbuda’s politics. Rather, Greene is urging Antiguans and Barbudans to accept the generous donations for and the community strengthening purpose for which they were intended.

The Community Connect initiative in Liberta benefited from the donation of 23 laptop and desktop computers, four foldable computer desks, chairs, tables, office furniture, a number of air conditioning units and a recording studio.

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