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Fred Corbin dismissed as “conspiracy theorist”

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Barbadian, Fred Corbin, who recently levelled several outrageous accusations against Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been completely discredited by his own respected countrymen.

Earlier this week, in an attack that was hard to follow, disjointed and exceedingly difficult to take seriously, Corbin accused the prime minister of a barrage of crimes including treason, murder, involvement in biological warfare, human trafficking and money laundering.

Corbin also claimed to have secret files, which he threatened to make public, if Prime Minister Browne did not slink into retirement ahead of today’s election.

Prime Minister Browne called Corbin’s bluff and went ahead with contesting his St. John’s City West seat which he is expected to win by a landslide at the close of the polls today.

Corbin has not released the “bombshell” evidence.

On Tuesday, leading Caribbean pollster, Peter Wickham of Barbados said Corbin is known for his wild theories and is not to be taken seriously.

“Fred Corbin is someone who is well known to us in Barbados. He is someone who claims to have half a dozen degrees and he also claims to have information from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) that was supplied to him, and him alone.

“He is someone who ought not to be taken seriously.

“He has been very unflattering regarding Prime Minister [Mia] Mottley and Prime Minister [Gaston] Browne, so I think there is clear evidence that Barbadians do not take him seriously and I would strongly encourage my Brothers and Sisters in Antigua to treat him with similar disregard,” said Wickham.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Barbados’ former ambassador to the United States of America, John Beale.

“His ideas and his theories are so extreme that one has to question what he’s saying. He’s an extremist of questionable verification of the facts and basically seems to be an extremist and not really taken seriously,” Beale said.

Prime Minister Browne took to his very active social media page on Tuesday to respond to Corbin’s nearly 13-minute-long recording of his conspiracy theory about him calling it the “fartistic” rambling of a “mercenary who is obviously being paid by the UPP/Asot chaotic coalition to surreptitiously defame me with fabrications, needs to find something constructive to do with his time.”

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