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Death from a sneeze

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Family reeling as COVID-19 claims the life of mother, leaves daughter in a coma

Jamaica Observer – The dreaded novel coronavirus has left a family in the Corporate Area community of Kingston Gardens in despair after it claimed the life of the matriarch and left one of her daughters in a coma.

All other members of the family who share the premises in Kingston Gardens are living in fear as they await the results of their COVID-19 tests.

To compound the misery facing the family, whose names are being withheld, they have been told by health officials that they will have to find just over $200,000 to purchase medication which could possibly save the life of the 32-year-old woman who has been in a coma for the past nine days.

“Mi mother was a ‘hearty’ lady, very ‘hearty’ lady, and one little sickness just come tek her. Mi lose mi mother and is like everything gone. Mi no have no direction, mi general. Is like everything gone,” said the 35-year-old son of the woman who has died.

“It rough, mi general, it rough, and like how God done tek mi mother we have to try find the money to save mi sister. Right now when wi need to prepare money to bury mi mother wi have to a try find $202,000 to save mi sister. This rough, very rough,” said the young man, unable to hide his pain.

He said the trauma started for the family just over one week ago when his sister, who is now in a coma, was on her way from work.

“She a come home in a taxi when a man sneeze in her face. She come in and she shower and everything because of the sneezing. About two days after that she say she nah feel well,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

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