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By Makeda Mikael

Once again major plans are afoot for the development of Runway 10, the aviation
dedicated peninsular, made famous by FBO 2000 Antigua Ltd., the first Full
Service FBO in the Eastern Caribbean, and the first black owned & operated FBO
in the world. The plans by Runway Ten Development Company Inc. include an
MRO, long opined by the Government and other Private Sector operatives, as the
next best step to carry forward Antigua & Barbuda to the next level of aviation.

To establish an international space which will attract long haul travel from exotic
and travel conscious places like the Middle East and far East, Antigua & Barbuda
will have to expand its investment and get some real ‘skin in the game’ to attract
long range aircraft. The Caribbean has to uplift itself, if the potential which this
prolifically attractive chain of islands exudes, is to continue to attract the wealthy,
the famous and the royals of the world.

The select 1% of the 1% wealthy folks discovered the relatively safe and calm
nature of the islands as they cruise their yachts, fly their private planes, party or
just enjoy their exclusive villas and homes on the small islands which make up the
Caribbean archipelago. They are already here, awaiting more services which
require corporate investment.

The plan of the owners of the Airport lands on Runway 10 is to encourage the
Government to establish an Aviation Special Economic Zone whereby the
development of Runway 10 is incorporated into the ASEZ as its first investor.
Extending investment possibilities to Antiguans in the ASEZ is expected to take
Antigua & Barbuda nationals to the next level of business, to include Antigua and
the region among the movers and shakers of Aviation manufacturing and services
which brings education, skills training, products and marketing in a brand new area
of high tech development.

With Afreximbank having pledged US $1.5B to CARICOM countries, with a
promise to double if Jamaica signs on, Antigua & Barbuda is pressing forward
early in the race, to develop with a new thrust and new money on the market.
Further plans for Runway 10 will include a corporate aircraft parking lot, a
Heliport, and a Fuel Tank Farm locally owned and operated.
The Government is being wooed into establishing the ASEZ (ABASEZ) as a
government owned SEZ including all the lands formerly controlled by the US
Base, and adding more where businesses along the way to VCBIA are all within
the Zone. Antigua & Barbuda will be establishing a new level for its own people to
elevate their businesses for the first time with financial help, as permitted within
the Aviation Special Economic Zone, and now with incentives, as have been
available to foreign businesses for ages. A real Next Level Development for
Antigua & Barbuda.

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