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AG and Family Members Test Positive for COVID-19

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Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin has confirmed he, and ten members of his family have tested positive for COVID-19.

The spread of the virus is believed to have taken place at the family’s Christmas dinner.

In response to a request for confirmation, Minister Benjamin said they are “all doing fine, should be fully recovered in a few days.”

The person suspected to be the cause of the outbreak to those present at the event was not identified, however information suggests a female family member in attendance complained of feeling unwell. She further revealed that her spouse and child had above normal temperatures.

The Benjamin family apparently brushed the information aside and went on to dine and socialise together.

It was not until the gathering had dispersed that some family members began complaining of feeling unwell.

As a result, COVID tests were carried out leading to 11 positive results, including that of the attorney general.

One person is reportedly hospitalised, but there are no serious complications.

While everyone is recuperating in quarantine, Minister Benjamin is appealing to the population to be extra careful in the midst of the pandemic.

“Observe all protocols and do not relax compliance, even among your family members,” the AG urged. “Watch temperatures and be cautious about what may appear to be a simple cough or cold.”

Mr. Benjamin is urging members of the public to make good use of self-test equipment when the government begins distribution of the kits.

For his part, the attorney general attributes the fact that he has had no complications since contracting the virus to being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster.

“All persons should seek to be fully vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, friends and society as a whole. Together with the other established protocols, vaccination offers the best option and protection. I know this for a fact,” Minister Benjamin concluded.

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