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Visual Arts Expo opens at Multipurpose Centre

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A five-day art exhibition opened yesterday at the Multi-Purpose Cultural and
Exhibition Centre, Perry Bay displaying the works of visual arts students and
Artfest Secondary Schools’ Visual Arts Expo, which will run from 28 th November to
2 nd December, 2022, aims to showcase the work of visual arts students and
Visual arts educator Emile Hill, explained there are various aspects to the
exhibition that has been in the planning stages for quite some time but was
placed on hold following the COVID-19 Pandemic.
“We are displaying artwork that have been done by both visual arts teachers and
students, but besides that we also have an area called art shop.
“There are some teachers who have creative businesses and [one] area is showing
the business side of visual arts. Visual arts can be a passion, it can be a hobby, it
can be a side hustle, it can be many different things depending on the way you
want to use it and let it work for you,” Hill stated.
The exhibition also aims to educate the public on what the subject of visual arts
“The whole idea is to show off what visual arts teachers and students can do and
also to educate people about what is out there. I think sometimes we think visual
arts is just drawing and painting, but that not all that there is. There is a business
aspect to it, there are so many different ways of expressing yourself visually and
that’s what we’re trying to show here,” Emile Hill concluded.
Organisers have made it possible for artists to visit the exhibition and utlilise a
studio from which they can work.
The exhibition will open from 10AM to 6pm daily.


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