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Two drivers could face charges in Azorae Pennant’s death

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Both drivers involved in the sequence of events that led to 16 year-old Azorae Pennant being killed on Wednesday night are facing charges.
On Thursday, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda issued an update on the circumstances that led to the Roman Hill teenager’s death.

According to police, the 16yr old pedal cyclist was travelling from South to North along Tyrells road, while the drivers of a silver Honda CRV Motor Jeep, A43605 and a blue Toyota Hilux Motor Pickup, C744 were both travelling in the opposite direction.
The driver of the SUV was executing a right turn when Azorae swerved east to avoid a collision. Instead, he collided with the rear of the jeep, lost control and was thrown from the cycle into the path of the pickup.
Police say the incident occurred at 6:25pm on Wednesday.
Emergency medical services were called and transported the teen to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead at 7:42pm.
The police recorded measurements of the scene, and both drivers were warned of Intended Prosecution.
Investigations into the tragedy are ongoing.
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