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‘The Launch’ of Sen. Dwayne George’s candidacy is on Sunday

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The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party will officially launch the candidacy of Sen
Dwayne George for the upcoming by-elections in the St. Mary’s South
constituency at the Bolans Playfield on Sunday.
The event will mark the ABLP’s bid to regain the St. Mary’s South seat it lost in
the January 18 General Elections. The winner of the seat had to resign as there
were questions about the legality of his nomination.
The launch will have a party atmosphere as there will be several top local artists
performing as well as speeches from senior officials of the ABLP. These include
Political Leader and Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, Party Chairman, E.P Chet
Greene, Sir Molwyn Joseph of the neighbouring St. Mary’s North constituency as
well as Education Minister, Daryll Matthew and Utilities Minister Melford
Nicholas. Senator George is expected to give his maiden political address at the
Recent polling indicate that Sen. George is viewed favourably by a growing
number of constituents since the announcement that he will be the ABLP’s
standard bearer in the by-election.
Sen. George, a resident of Bolans, has been making an impact with his
commitment and generosity in the constituency. He has been making donations to
schools, families, teenagers and the elderly. With his personal motto: George Win,
You Win, Sen. George has made a pledge that if elected he will donate the first six
months’ salary to the constituency for community outreach.
Sen. George, a lecturer at the Antigua State College prior to his decision to enter
the realm of elective politics, has spent the last several weeks aggressively
canvassing voters in the constituency seeking their support in the by-election.

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