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RCA and its partners launch Sewing Project in Parham

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The Rotary Club of Antigua is expanding the sewing programme it launched 16
years ago with assistance from two U.S-based Rotary Clubs.
The RCA on Monday opened its 11 th Sewing Centre in Parham in collaboration
with the Bellevue Breakfast Club of Washington State and the Rotary Club of
Kirkland Downtown.
The facility is being housed in the former constituency branch office utilized by the
caretaker for the St. Peter’s Constituency, Rawdon Turner.
Project Coordinator, Past President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Cordell Josiah
MBE, explained that he is very happy that the project has finally been initiated in
Parham after several attempts over the years. He added that the joint effort
continues to provide a unique opportunity for participants to develop a skill that
has the potential to make them marketable and profitable.
President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Michael Spencer, added that the Club is
encouraged by the presence of yet another sewing facility, which will provide a
platform for both men and women to develop a useful skill. He extended thanks to
Rawdon Turner for embracing the programme and the possibilities involved for
community development.

International Coordinator, Past President Jan Martinka, expressed that it is always a
joyous occasion for partnership with the Rotary Cub of Antigua on another project.
She encouraged the residents of Parham and surrounding areas to visit the centre
and take advantage of the chance “to learn something new”.
The sixteen (16) year partnership between the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
(BBRC) of Washington State District 5030; started in 2008, after two years of
planning between Past District Governor Steve Lingenbrink and Past President
John Martinka of the BBRC and Past President Cordel Josiah MBE of the Rotary
Club of Antigua (RCA) in 2006.

Community Member and Caretaker for the St. Peter’s Constituency, Turner,
welcomes the opening of the centre, indicating that the community is in need of an
empowerment initiative that will teach the skill of sewing promoting self-
Over six hundred (600) persons have been trained to sew over the years through
the Rotary Sewing Project.
Sheralyn Debbie Black will facilitate the courses, which will take place at the
centre on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm -7pm.

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