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Cleon Athill’s Epiphany……more to follow By Student of Politics

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This can only be interpreted as Cleon Athill’s warning to Antigua and Barbuda to
steer clear of the UPP.
Her comments documented after her departure from the UPP are based entirely on
her personal experiences with that organization (UPP), as a part of its leadership
and come from a place of considered study and represents a deep caution to the
citizens, especially the electors of our country.

When Dr. Athill says that her decision is grounded in ‘principles about democracy,
people power, integrity and truth ….‘she exposes the charade and unmasks the lie
that the UPP was ever concerned about anything but power. This declaration is
coming from inside the belly of the UPP and leaves no room for people to wonder
anymore. It could not be made any clearer.

‘Our politics is toxic and political parties exploit people’s anxieties, and fears and
vulnerabilities for their benefit. The people suffer, and development is stymied.’
Again this is an unbridled reflection of the UPP coming from deep within. We saw
it during the pandemic and even now during the post pandemic period. The ABLP
administration did everything possible to protect the citizens and our economy.
The UPP worked overtime to create an environment of fear and doubt. They even
refused to participate in the creation of a national agenda geared at protecting and
preserving national interests.

To this day, while the government continues to promote hope and an inclusive
society, the UPP latches on to global inflationary tagline, opposes every positive
measure taken for the socio-economic growth and advancement of Antigua and

A short list of examples would read this;
1. No support for the rebirth of LIAT, a critical element in the national economic
recovery plan
2. ⁠Nary a word of support for the reset of the tourism sector and the recorded
3. ⁠Nothing but criticism for efforts to diversify the country’s economy
4. ⁠Irresponsible chatter over social issues like youth violence
5. ⁠Not even a word of support or encouragement for the country’s hosting of
major events like the upcoming SIDS conference, Cricket World Cup
6. ⁠No recanting senseless, thoughtless and undermining comments about UWI
Five Islands and I could go on and on. The readers know that this is a short list in
support of Cleon Athill’s unbearable chafing.

It is clear that Cleon Athill has had an epiphany; that her conscience could not
abide the realities of UPP and the ‘anti-democratic, power at any cost, greed,
vengeful and hateful’ politics. While her Saul on Damarcus-like encounter with
truth allows her confession, it is disingenuous of her to attempt to the broad-
brushing approach. Doctor, go heal thyself.

Like the members of your former UPP cabal, you are not fit for the purpose of
building a modern democracy, an egalitarian nation or to propel Antigua and
Barbuda beyond the ‘toxic, tribal’ nation you have worked so hard to create. Your
recently discovered solution of ‘bipartisanship and support and participation of the
general citizenry’ are the daily tools with which this administration has staved off
your vile and unfounded attacks. This very engaging, empowering and
participatory style which you once condemned in your ‘need for power’ is
projected and reflected in the daily leadership style of a representative who is
easily the best community brand in local politics, Hon. E.P. Chet Greene, in St.

This was bound to happen and more will follow because we are reminded by the
Bible in the Book of Psalms, Chapter 6 and Verse 10;
All (not some) my enemies will be confounded, completely (not partially) terrified;
they will turn back and be suddenly put to shame.’
This is the word of God……and the people say………

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