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Tuesday 27th February 2024 – St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. The
2023 Queen of Carnival, Ms. Ischikelle Corbin, led a transformative Queen and Teens Camp in
collaboration with the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission under the theme Envision, Realize,
Become. The camp was held on February 25, 2024, at the prestigious John E. ST. Luce Building. The aim
of the camp was to engage with Queen and Teen hopefuls, providing them with essential knowledge and
skills to excel in the desired path in carnival pageantry.
The day-long session was intense and interactive, offering participants a comprehensive learning
experience. Hosted by the esteemed Queen of Carnival, Ms. Ischikelle Corbin, the camp featured
greetings and remarks by Senator the Hon. Shenella Govia, the Junior Minister of Carnival. Senator Govia
expressed her pleasure with the attendance, stating, “I am pleased with the turnout at the Queen Camp
and look forward to witnessing the journey of these young ladies. I was rather impressed with the
offerings of the camp. The key areas addressed are on-point in preparing young ladies aspiring for Queen
of Carnival, allowing for personal self-interpretation for further development.”

Distinguished former Queens of Carnival facilitated the camp sessions, each bringing their expertise and
experience to the table:
1. Etiquette by Ms. Raynel Carroll, Ms. Queen of Carnival 2013:
Participants were immersed in the art of etiquette, learning the importance of proper behavior, manners,
and social conduct expected of a queen. Ms. Carroll, a seasoned expert in etiquette, shared insights on
how to carry oneself with grace and poise in various social situations, emphasizing the significance of
making a positive impression on others.
2. Pageantry and Life Balances by Ms. Heidigail Francis, Ms. Queen of Carnival 2014:
Ms. Francis delved into the intricacies of balancing the demands of a pageant lifestyle with personal
responsibilities and self-care. Participants received guidance on managing their time effectively, setting
priorities, and nurturing their well-being to achieve success both on and off the stage.
3. Understanding the Criteria by Ms. Petley O’Kieffe, Ms. Queen of Carnival 1997:
Ms. O’Kieffe provided participants with valuable insights into pageant judging criteria. Participants
gained a deeper understanding of what judges look for in a queen, including poise, confidence,
intelligence, and stage presence. This knowledge equipped participants with the tools needed to
showcase their best selves during competitions.

4. Vision Boarding by Ms. Terri-Ann Richardson, Ms. Queen of Carnival 2003:
In this interactive session, participants engaged in the creative process of vision boarding to visualize
their goals and aspirations. Ms. Richardson guided participants in crafting vision boards representing
their dreams and ambitions, helping them clarify their objectives and stay motivated on their path to
5. Healthy Habits and Body Maintenance by Mrs. Range Laronde-Thomas, Ms. Queen of Carnival
As a former Queen, Mrs. Laronde-Thomas emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
and caring for one’s body. Participants learned about the significance of proper nutrition, exercise,
skincare, and overall well-being to enhance their physical appearance and confidence on stage.
6. Confidence on and off the stage by Ms. Ayana Dorsette Ms. Queen of Carnival 2017:
Ms. Dorsette shared strategies for building confidence both on and off the stage, empowering

participants to exude self-assurance in all aspects of their lives. Participants engaged in confidence-
building activities and exercises designed to help them overcome self-doubt, project authenticity, and

radiate inner strength during public appearances.
7. Approaching Interview by Ms. Ischikelle Corbin, the reigning Ms. Queen of Carnival:
Ms. Ischikelle Corbin, the 2023 Queen of Carnival, provided participants with valuable insights and tips
on approaching interviews in the pageant world. Participants learned how to prepare for and excel in
pageant interviews, including strategies for articulating their thoughts clearly, showcasing their
personality, and answering questions with confidence and poise.
8. Walking 101 by Mrs. Brucella Marcsh-Sutton, Queen of Carnival Sub Committee Chairperson:
Mrs. Marcsh-Sutton conducted a workshop on the art of walking gracefully on stage, focusing on
posture, poise, and stride. Participants received personalized coaching on how to command attention
with their walk, exuding elegance and confidence during pageant presentations and appearances.
The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission intends to make this Queen Camp an annual event,
irrespective of whoever the reigning Queen is at the time. This initiative aims to empower young women
and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed in the world of carnival pageantry.
Each session at the Queen Camp was carefully designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills,
and confidence needed to succeed in the world of carnival pageantry.
Each participant received a certificate of participation, acknowledging their commitment to learning and
growth. The camp was designed to give potential hopefuls a deeper understanding of the journey and
requirements for becoming the next Ms. Queen of Carnival.

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