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New Legislation could be on the cards to tackle Abandonment of senior citizens

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There seems to be a growing social issue in the country where the care of the
elderly is concerned as almost a dozen senior citizens have been abandoned by
relatives and are presently residing at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre
It was the Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph who made the revelation
during Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.
With this troubling news, suggestions were offered for the introduction of new
legislation “to protect the rights of these vulnerable citizens”.
Presently, there are no legal standings to hold anyone accountable.
“There is no legal liability at the moment that can be imposed upon a child or a
relative but that does not mean they ought not be called to account especially
where the relative or child is using the resources that are due to the parent each
month let’s say, by Social Security and using those resources for his or her own
benefit. So, we want to bring that to an end. That is the first step and I believe
the Minister will devise some other systems that are lawful which would impose
some liability on children”, Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s office Lionel
‘Max’ Hurst added.
According to the Cabinet notes, the ‘Abandonment of the Elderly and Protection
of their Assets’ Act, would provide legal safeguards to ensure that the rights and
well-being of elderly citizens are protected and respected, even in cases when
their own relatives have failed to provide the necessary care and support.

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