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New Catamaran Haul Out and Boatyard Facility opens at Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard

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The Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard (JHMB) announced the official
opening of its Marina and Boatyard expansion project. The event marked the
unveiling of a second mega travelift and the introduction of a new boatyard,
enabling the marina to offer haul out and storage services to boats up to 34 feet
wide and 75 feet long.
With this significant development, JHMB now boasts dual operations, including
two haul/launch areas, two 75-ton travelifts, two boat movers, and three
individual boatyards capable of providing safe and secure storage for up to 240
boats. This expansion positions JHMB to provide comprehensive services to
yachties, catamaran operators, visitors, and residents alike. The main marina
docks accommodate boats up to 80ft long, and the Super Yacht dock can
accommodate vessels, alongside, up to 200ft.
Established in 1992, Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard was recently acquired
by Sabana Holdings in May 2021. Ms. Jo Lucas, General Manager of JHMB,
highlighted the evolving landscape of the yachting community, noting a
substantial shift from single hull vessels to multi hulls, particularly catamarans.
She remarked, ‘We have always been able to cater to catamarans on the docks
but we were faced with limitations in offering boatyard services… Having
observed the very clear trends… the owners of JHMB decided it was time to
expand to accommodate them by offering haul out and yard maintenance and
storage services.’

The project, which commenced in mid-December 2023 and was completed on
April 30th, 2024, underscores the efficiency and dedication of the team
involved. Speaking at the grand opening ceremony, Joseph Krohn, CEO and
CFO of Sabana Holdings, emphasized the significance of the marina's
redevelopment, positioning ECMBL as a world-class Marina & Boatyard
facility. He stated, ‘Today is a special day… to celebrate the repositioning of
ECMBL, as one of the preeminent world class Marina & Boatyard facilities
globally." He reiterated the commitment to excellence and the ability to provide
a full range of services to loyal customers.
The ceremony also featured remarks from Minister of Tourism, Charles
Fernandez, who commended Sabana Holdings and the management and staff of
JHMB for their contribution to the industry and the economy of Antigua and

Barbuda. He praised their resilience, commitment, and vision for the future
growth of the yachting industry.
Among the distinguished guests were Governor General Sir Rodney Williams,
Governor General Emeritus Sir James Carlisle & Lady Carlisle, Parliamentary
Representative, Kelvin Simon, Caretaker – Senator Dwayne George,
Commissioner of Police: Atlee Rodney, Member of The Four Cricketing
Knights Sir Anderson Roberts, and the Principals of Sabana Holdings.
Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard, currently employing twenty professionals,
is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for customers and
yachties during their stay in Antigua. With the addition of catamaran haul outs,
ECMBL has also commissioned a first of its kind Marine Travelift custom made
expandable self-propelled boat transporter, specifically streamlined to
catamaran movements. This equipment is due to arrive by end of 3rd quarter
this year.

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