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MoW to announce community road repair schedule

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The Ministry of Works will soon roll out a schedule that will detail plans for road repairs in the country.

Minister of Works, Maria Browne, has wasted no time in focusing the attention and the resources of the ministry on addressing the poor condition of some community roads.

This was a major concern of electors in the lead up to the January elections.

According to the minister, teams from the Ministry of Works will soon begin carrying out road repairs in communities across the nation.

It is anticipated that these teams will spend an average of three weeks in each community before moving on.

Over the first year, it is expected that most communities on Antigua will enjoy improved road infrastructure.

Within a week of her appointment, Minister Browne deployed a crew to complete Loblolly Road in Greenbay Hill. Its state of disrepair had been the source of much frustration for residents.

The work being done on this road includes the completion of the sub-base.

Before the intervention, the road was completely unusable. Over the past week, however, Public Works Department trucks have delivered the aggregates, machinery and manpower required to make the road usable.

Meanwhile, although the work to resurface Anchorage Road has been halted temporarily, Minister Browne said this has been done to enable APUA to install new water pipes which will replace the existing six-decade old cast iron pipes.

The work is expected to resume in about two weeks.

This swift move to action by the Ministry of Works has been applauded by the cabinet who have also applauded both the Minister of Works, Maria Browne, and Minister of Utilities, Melford Nicholas, for collaborating to resolve some of the issues that have excised between the two ministries with respect to the maintenance of infrastructure in the country.

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