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More arrests as efforts continue to stop items being smuggled into ‘1735’

by Pointe Xpress
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Two men were sentenced yesterday for drugs which they had in their possession in and around His Majesty’s Prison.

Rasheam Francis was spotted near the prison wall on 13th October by a police officer who was carrying out surveillance from a tower inside the prison.

The officer observed the defendant walking near the prison’s eastern wall with a bag on his back and a mask on his face.

The cop approached Francis and searched him with his consent.

Upon doing so, he found a quantity of a green, bushy substance that resembled the controlled drug cannabis.

Further analysis revealed that it was, in fact, 165 grams of marijuana.

Francis admitted to the court on Monday that he would have thrown the marijuana, valued at $1650, into the prison if he had not been caught.

The defendant was ordered to pay $5000 to the state by 30th December. Failure to pay will land him a year in prison.

Meanwhile, a convicted rapist who was found with marijuana inside of his cell was also sentenced.

Julian Morgan got three months added to his already lengthy sentence of 16 years for possession of 60 grams of cannabis.

The drugs were found inside of his pillow.

These are the latest arrests at the prison stemming from an extensive effort on the part of the government and prison’s administration to eliminate conveyance.

Just last week, Soni Russell, who is serving a six-month jail sentence for wounding, was given an additional eight months for the possession of 95 grams of cannabis.

A number of other individuals have been caught and penalised. The increase in the discovery of contraband is likely due to the fact that police officers are now a part of the team providing surveillance and security at the prison.

The decision to increase security at His Majesty’s Prison came following a major prison raid which led to the discovery of over 60 cell phones, drugs, pots, kettles and other items.

Meanwhile, correctional officers at His Majesty’s Prison protested outside of the facility yesterday demanding that authorities settle several outstanding matters they claim are affecting the performance of their duties.

They argued they are not paid overtime and holiday pay and are made to work in unsanitary conditions.

The workers are also demanding to be made established government workers.

They also took aim at the permanent secretary with oversight of HMP, calling for her removal over her failure to address their concerns.

Acting Prison Superintendent, Jermaine Anthony, was also slammed for comments he allegedly made to the media in which he accused the institution’s correctional officers of being “corrupt”. The officers who staged industrial action are demanding an apology from Anthony.

Pointe Xpress made several attempts to contact the Minister of National Security, Steadroy Benjamin, for comment, however we were unable to reach him.

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