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Missing 14-year old girl found in house during a police search

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A fourteen-year-old girl who was reported missing for more than a week was
found at a house during a police search for illegal drugs.
A police reports said that on Saturday, May 11, they effected several search
warrants in the Grays Farm, Five Islands, and Nut Grove areas and seized large
portions of controlled drugs, firearms, ammunition, and suspected stolen items.
“During the search of a property at Five Islands, the police confiscated a portion of
cannabis and several cases of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A 14-year-
old girl, who went missing for more than a week was also found on the said
property. A 24-year-old man was taken into custody and is assisting the police with
their investigations,” the report revealed.
It stated that the police also found one 9mm Glock pistol and seven rounds of
matching ammunition during their search of a property at Federation Road, Grays
Farm. A male suspect was taken into custody as a result.
Meanwhile, the police seized a sheet of plywood, a digital camera, a tent, a bicycle,
camouflage clothing, and controlled substances found at two separate properties,
also in Grays Farm. Several persons were arrested and taken into custody.
Investigations are still ongoing in those matters.
In other developments, following a weekend of anti-crime measures, the police
have turned their attention searching for the suspects involved in a drive-by
shooting incident.
The police say they are on the look-out for those involved in the drive-by shooting
incident in Grays Farm that left one man nursing a gunshot wound to his back.
It was reported that sometime around 12:10 am on Sunday, 12 May, a 23-year-old
man of #2 Armstrong Road was standing on Christian Street when a small dark
vehicle drove into the area and two shots were fired.
The said vehicle was spotted speeding away from the scene on Christian Street and
Armstrong Road. The victim received a gunshot wound to his upper back and was
transported to the hospital by a family member. His medical condition is said to be

The police are appealing to anyone with information surrounding this incident to
contact the Grays Farm Police Station at 462-0481 or call the Crimestoppers
Hotline at 800-Tips (8477).
In related police development, the lawmen have reported that on Monday
Christopher Hope of Cashew Hill was fined $25,000.00 for the unlawful
possession of a firearm and ammunition.
The 39-year-old appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel in the All Saints
Magistrate's Court charged with possession of one .380 Pistol, and 10 matching
rounds of ammunition. He was convicted and fined $15,000.00 for the firearm and
$1,000.00 for each round of ammunition.
He was given 6 months to pay the fine for the firearm or serve 15 months, and 9
months to pay the fine for the ammunition or serve 1 year at His Majesty's Prison.
Police officers attached to the Coolidge Police Station were carrying out
investigations into a report made against the Cashew Hill resident and found him in
possession of the illegal weapon at Jabberwock Beach on Saturday. He was
arrested and taken into custody.

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