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Ministry of Tourism strengthens capacity in the area of sustainability

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With the recent completion of an internationally recognised certification programme offered by the George Washington University, Director of Policy and Planning within the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, Mr. St. Clair Soleyn now holds a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management.

As a result of his certification Mr. Soleyn is now better positioned to provide strategic overview of responsible destination management, policy and planning, investments, and marketing along with practical applications for the industry.

Soleyn posited that as a senior civil servant, he must ensure that he is equipped to ask the right questions and identify the best options which would assist the Minister of Tourism and Investment in making evidence based and informed decisions.  

He further noted that, “civil servants must remain nimble to both anticipate and react to the present changing environment and cautioned that certification by itself does not indicate one’s competency, but the application of the knowledge gained and applied to situations to achieve the best results is the true test of knowledge”.

Mr. Soleyn holds an MBA from the University of the West Indies, a Postgraduate Certificate in Research from the University of Leicester, and a Graduate Certificate in Negation Mastery and Contract Law from Harvard University.

In 2007 he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management and completed his Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP). In 2018 he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Policy Analysis from the Universidad Autonioma (Spain).

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