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Man fined for throwing food over HMP wall

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On Wednesday, an apologetic and remorseful Jahvante Lloyd was spared severe consequences when he got off relatively easily when he appeared before the court to answer a charge of conveying.

He was convicted of the charge and fines $350.00

On Sunday this week, Lloyd was observed throwing a bag over the wall of His Majesty’s Prison.

The police officer who witnessed the act gave chase and apprehended Lloyd near Teachers’ Place.

It was later discovered that the bag tossed over the prison’s east wall contained a cooked meal.

The Fort Road man, who has served time in prison, explained to Magistrate Conliffe Clarke that he was only trying to help someone he knew inside when he threw the Chinese food onto the prison compound.

Magistrate Clarke gave Lloyd one week to pay the fine in full.

Should he fail to do so, he will find himself back behind bars for a period of two months.

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