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Major plans in the pipeline for Barbuda

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Barbuda is in line for more development under the stewardship of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party when it is returned to government after this week’s general elections.

Senior members of the ABLP were in Codrington, Barbuda, last week to support Knacyntar Nedd-Charles, the party’s candidate for the island-constituency.

The ABLP’s political leader, Gaston Browne, was among the speakers to address a public rally in Barbuda held in support of Nedd-Charles.

He used the opportunity to debunk the misinformation and outright lies which have been spread on the sister island with the goal of portraying him negatively.

Prime Minister Browne recalled his long history of providing assistance to Barbuda and its people dating back to his days as a banker when he adopted a policy of assisting Barbudans with loans.

He said this continued when he became prime minister as he has continued his efforts develop the island and bring advancement to its people

Browne reiterated his commitment to develop Barbuda in tandem with Antigua and reiterated his pledge that Barbuda would soon become a net contributor to the national treasury.

He also outlined a series of major infrastructural developments that are in the pipeline for the island.

“We have an agreement with the PLH Development that a large percentage of the taxes that they generate will go towards building ten miles of concrete roads in Barbuda. We want these to be climate resilient roads and the plan is to have them lined with trees to enhance the aesthetics.

“We also intend to bury the utility lines underground, thus eliminating the potential damage from future storms,” Browne disclosed.

According to the prime minister, because Barbuda is a “clean canvas” there will be no need to acquire property.

He said the plan also includes the development of as many as two four-lane roads which will provide for the future needs of the island.

The prime minister also discussed plans for the new airport which will soon be opened in Codrington.

“We will commence within the next eighteen months to two years, the expansion of the landing strip at the new airport in Barbuda. We will add another two thousand linear feet so that an American Airlines aircraft may land on the island.

“That means Barbudans will soon be able to have direct flights to their destinations in North America without having to travel to Antigua,” he stated.

Browne said even if Barbuda on its own cannot fill these larger flights, he has held talks with the premier of Anguilla for a joint Barbuda-Anguilla-USA service.

“This is not a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ thing. It is real,” he declared.

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