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Kelvin Simon announces his resignation but fails to submit letter

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The parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s South Kelvin Simon announced on
Wednesday that he has resigned from the House of Representatives, but at the time
of going to press on Wednesday night, the Office of the Clerk of Parliament
reported that no letter of resignation had been received.
Inquiries made to the Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald Watt late Wednesday
afternoon revealed that he too had not received the said letter of resignation.
Simon’s decision could very well be interpreted as a preemptive strike aimed at
nullifying a decision from the High Court, where a petition has been brought by the
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party challenging his right to sit in the House of
Representatives, since in their view, Simon was not properly nominated as a
candidate as his nomination was done whilst he was still a civil servant employed
by the Antigua and Barbuda government. The ABLP argued that this act
contravenes the Constitutional requirements for someone seeking election to the
Lower House.
“The matter is due to be heard by the Court during the first week of July, and while
my lawyers believe in the strength of my case, the outcome is entirely in the hands
of the trial judge.  Whoever loses the case will appeal to the Eastern Caribbean
Court of Appeal.  This will delay the final outcome even further, as the appeal will
have to be heard and a decision given,” Simon’s statement noted.
He added that it was unfair for the people of St. Mary’s South to have this matter
remaining unresolved for an extended period and therefore he decided to resign
clearing the way for a by-election; in his words ‘the people’s court’.

“After careful consideration and prayers, I have submitted my letter of resignation
to the Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald Watt, KC, informing him of my decision to
vacate the seat in Parliament, so that a by-election can be held within the next 120
days, as the law mandates,” he announced.
There is speculation that Simon is already repeating himself by not properly
resigning from government at the time of nomination, and here again announcing
his resignation but failing to submit an actual letter to the Speaker and the

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