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Inquest to follow autopsy on Shanell Thomas

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An autopsy conducted on Wednesday on the body of the 34-year-old escaped prisoner who was shot to death by police in February has determined that he died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

The report prepared by pathologist, Dr. Petra Miller-Nanton, indicated that Shanell Thomas was shot multiple times in the chest and abdomen.

Now the autopsy has been completed, an inquest is expected to follow that will investigate the circumstances surrounding Thomas’ death.

It is unclear, however, when the inquest will begin.

Thomas, who was serving time on charges of kidnapping and assault, escaped the Prison Farm at Diamond’s Estate on 8th February.

In his short-lived stint on the run, Thomas engaged in a shootout with Police Special Services patrol officers in New Winthropes just hours after his escape. Thomas was able to evade police by running into nearby bushes on this occasion.

He was not so lucky in his second encounter with police who cornered him at Stables Night Club in Cassada Gardens on 9th February. Police said in their attempt to apprehend Thomas, he reached for an object which resulted in their decision to open fire, fearing that he may have been armed.

Thomas was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where he succumbed to his injuries late that night.

Police have never disclosed what the object Thomas reached for was before the fatal shooting.

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