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Carlisle Bay named a top 2022 Caribbean beach getaway

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Carlisle Bay has been named among the thirteen best beaches for a seaside getaway in the Caribbean in 2022.

According to Thrillist, a New York based online lifestyle publication, an important consideration when compiling the list was the ease of access in visiting the country the featured beach is located in.

Describing Carlisle Bay as “the beachiest of beach destinations”, Thrillist continued, “it’s hard to beat the combination of seclusion, scenery, snorkeling, and pristine water you’ll find in Carlisle Bay.”

Thrillist’s Matt Meltzer said: “This little cove tucked along Antigua’s southwestern shore is surrounded by lush rainforest, creating a perfect emerald wall around your little semicircle of paradise.

“The soft golden sands give way to pristine turquoise waters, and if you’re up for a swim, you can head out to a small beach around the bend that’s even more secluded. There, you’ll find a coral reef only a few feet offshore, where you can lose a couple of hours with your undersea friends before retreating to a slice of sand that feels a world away.

“The beach is bordered by the Carlisle Bay Resort, and if you want the seclusion to last, it’s an ideal place to post up for the week.”

The other destinations featured on the list were Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Mexico, St. John, USVI, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, Jamaica, the Turks and Caicos, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Belize.

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