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Greene blames key government agencies for close electoral victory

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The newly re-elected parliamentary representative for St. Paul, E.P Chet Greene is blaming several key government agencies for nearly unending his chances in Wednesday’s general elections.

Greene said chief among them was APUA which failed to deliver on promises to take steps to improve the water delivery system in the constituency, especially in the English Harbour area.

“I knew English Harbour had some issues, one was the clinic which is yet to be completed. But it was APUA which really gave me ‘a run for my money’ over the last six weeks of the campaign, and for no reason,” he stated emphatically.

The MP, who held the foreign affairs portfolio in the last Cabinet, said he was speaking publicly about the matter and that he chose not to be ‘diplomatic’ about the issue.

“I am saying that I am so disappointed with APUA because the plant in Pigeon Point works; it is serving other areas, but the people can’t get water and the people protested on Wednesday with their votes regarding that situation,” he declared.

Whilst he acknowledged that he was not the prime minister, he wants a clear message sent to APUA; shape up or ship out!

“I’m in a no-nonsense mood for this term and when I look at people who are affecting the quality of life for residents in my area, it is unacceptable. Why should I pay the political price for their incompetence,” he queried.

Greene reported that he had to spend several thousands of dollars to truck water into the area to help alleviate the problem despite the cabinet’s instruction to APUA to construct a pumping station in the area.

The representative also feels that the Ministries of Works and Health also did not deliver on promises to improve the roads and the construction of a clinic which all led to ‘slippage’ in the level of support he received at the poll.

The final vote count was Greene 1244 versus Cleon Athill’s 1101.

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