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Fort Road man attempts to rape friend’s wife

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A Fort Road woman has reported to police that a her husband’s friend attempted to rape her in their Fort Road residence on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman was laundering clothes when the accused man, also of Fort Road, showed up and inquired about her husband’s whereabouts. 

The man then allegedly made his way into the kitchen where he pinned the woman to the floor and attempted to force himself on her.

While on the ground, the man is further alleged to have demanded sex from the woman while touching her body inappropirately.

It is likely that her attacker would have succeeded in committing the rape had she not asked him to stop the washing machine. When he released her to fulfil her request, the woman is said to have dashed through the kitchen door, locking it behind her. 

The alleged offender, however, was determined to pursue his victim and exited the house using the front door to catch up with the woman who had escaped him moments earlier.  

He allegedly caught up with her and threw her to the ground where he began choking her. 

It is unclear what transpired next, but all indications are the man was unsuccessful in his attempt to rape the victim.

She later sought treatment at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for injuries sustained to her neck during the attack.

After committing the act, the man returned to his home. 

Acting on a report made by the woman, police visited his residence from where he was taken into custody.

Charges against the would-be rapist are pending.

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