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Essay competition to celebrate Black History Month

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Young people in Antigua and Barbuda are the focus of an essay competition that is
aimed at strengthening their research skills as well as to broaden their knowledge
of black history.
Organised by the Priest Isaac Institute of Holistic Knowledge, the essay
competition is being held under the theme; "What does African History/Heritage
mean to me?" and it is the 11th Annual African History Essay Competition.
Submissions are now being excepted until March 8, 2024. This may be done via
email at priestisaacinstitute@gmail.com.
The Institute wants parents or guardians to submit the entry essays on their
children’s behalf. Only residents of Antigua and Barbuda may enter.
The competition is divided among three categories; senior, intermediate and junior
with the age stipulation of 7- 17 years of age.
The organisers have secured a number of attractive prizes for the top winners in the
competition. The winners will receive prizes such as laptops, tablets, and computer
classes and will be invited to participate in the prize-giving ceremony and banquet.
“Our prizes are provided by collective contributions from sponsors, individuals,
and groups of goodwill,” the institute noted.
The Institute sees the competition as an opportunity for young people to showcase
their insights, research skills, and understanding of African heritage. “We
emphasize that student's essays maintain meticulous punctuation and thorough
research/examples,” an institute brochure stated.

The Priest Isaac's Institute of Holistic Knowledge offers Astronomy Study Tours,
Greencastle Hill Hikes, Yoga Teacher trainings, and Wellness programs in the
nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in Buckley’s but its programmes are
also offered online.

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