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Dog spotted on airport runway

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The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority is yet to comment on an incident in which a dog was seen close to the runway at the V. C. Bird International Airport on Tuesday.

A plane spotter filmed the 46 second video which was later posted on Aviation Group @ TAPA, a social media page for airline enthusiasts.

The video showed a British Airways Boeing 777-300 aircraft taking off just after 4PM on its way to London Gatwick (LGW).

Just a few seconds after the plane began accelerating, a dog was visible in the grass that borders the left side of the runway.

The animal cowered briefly, spooked by the sound of the engines, before running away.

Animals on runways are hazardous in the aviation industry as they can lead to accidents, major damage to aircraft and endanger lives.

The airport was not closed nor were flights diverted.

In July 2022, Trinidad and Tobago’s Piarco International Airport closed briefly after two dogs were seen close to the runway.

The closure resulted in flight diversions, while other aircraft that were preparing for takeoff suffered delays while authorities took control of the situation.

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