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Customs officials complete training

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Senior officials of the Customs Division have just completed a training workshop
that focused on ways to strengthen the department’s operations as well as to reduce
the incidence of corrupt behavior among staff.
During the training, customs officials were actively engaged in the World Customs
Organisation’s (WCO’s) Consultation Mechanism Training as a part of the Anti-
Corruption Integrity Programme facilitated by Integrity Expert, Wagner Castro,
who is attached to the WCO. The customs officials focused on areas such as
fostering change, reforming, modernization, strategic planning, and
After the training, Castro expressed his delight with the outcome and he concluded
that the sessions were a success. "The aim was to enhance the relationship with
stakeholders, and I'm thrilled to say it was a success. The enthusiasm and
commitment shown by all the participants were truly commendable. What
impressed me the most was the customs officials' excellent critical thinking and
solution-oriented skills. Their feedback highlighted just how important the lessons
learned during the workshop are for our shared goal," he noted.
Over the next few weeks, the Customs Official will be assisting Liaison Officers at
various Customs & Excise locations, in the next stage of the WCO Anti-Corruption
and Integrity Program (ACIP).

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