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AG Benjamin urges MP Walker to support Barbuda’s development

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Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin has chided MP for Barbuda, Trevor Walker for failing to support the ABLP governments to improve the lives of Barbudans.
During his contribution to the 2022 Budget, Mr. Benjamin said it was a shame that Mr. Walker remained resistant to the efforts of a “loving, caring and understanding” ABLP  administration to bring the same benefits available on Antigua to the residents of the sister island.
Benjamin noted that for the first time in its history, Barbudans now enjoy full and meaningful employment with the arrival of several upscale developments,  including PLH.
This, he argued, is in stark contrast to the non-existent efforts of the previous PLM administration of the 1970s and UPP administration of the early 2000s which both did nothing to improve the lives of Barbudans.
“My friend Mr. Trevor Walker, a man with tertiary education, I can’t understand, how a man like him, my friend Trevor, exposed to higher learning, can’t catch the vision so that Barbudans can live the dream,” said AG Benjamin.
“Between 1971 and 1976, when the PLM government was in power, what did they do for Barbuda? Nothing!
“Between 2004 and 2014, what did the UPP government do for Barbuda? Nothing!” said Benjamin.
“What did we do,” he continued, “since we assumed office. For the very first time, there is economic development in Barbuda. You have a landing airstrip that can manage, hold and cater for jets. For the first time you have real, meaningful employment in that country!”
“You, Mr. Walker, enjoy 100 percent employment in Barbuda. You, Mr. Walker, ought properly, to tell your people to join the bandwagon. Let’s catch the vision and live the dream.
“Mr. Walker, think outside the box, think in the future, be a part of history. Let history say that you as a Barbudan opened the vision for the people to follow you,” he urged the Barbudan MP.
According to the Attorney General, only with the full support of Barbudans and their leaders can the achievable dream of creating a truly unified state, in which all benefits are shared equally be accomplished.
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