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ABLP postpones campaign until January

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The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has suspended all public meetings that were planned for the remainder of this month.

The party’s organisers had scheduled the first campaign event for last evening at Thwaites Corner, but a statement from the party informed the public that, “A decision was taken to move the date of Tuesday’s meeting until after New Year’s Day, when the yuletide season has ended.”

An announcement on the new date will be made shortly, the party advised.

In Barbuda however, a town hall meeting will be held on Thursday evening after which campaigning will be suspended.

The ABLP has encouraged all political parties to follow suit during the Christmas season, one of the holiest periods on the Christian calendar.

On Monday evening, political leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, Gaston Browne, announced 18th January, 2023 as the date on which voters will go to the polls to elect a new government.

Nomination Day is set for 28th December, 2022.

During the launch of his party’s candidates, Prime Minister Browne highlighted the achievements of his administration in health, education, housing, tourism and other areas as reasons why an ABLP government should be returned to office.

He described several members of his cabinet as “the best ministers in their respective fields that this country has ever seen”.

The ABLP party leader slammed the main opposition United Progressive Party for its dismal performance while in office from 2004 to 2014.

Browne told the public that the UPP, led by Harold Lovell, should not be given the chance to take the reins of government in Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne also recalled that Antigua and Barbuda experienced a steep economic decline when Lovell served as minister of finance.

“He contracted the country’s economy by 25 percent and did not grow the country’s economy.

“Year after year this country’s economy contracted under the dead hands of Harold Lovell, and you’re telling me the man that created the problem can now be repackaged as your saviour? Of course not!”

“How can you, or anyone for that matter, justify those who have decimated this country’s economy, those who have decimated lives and livelihoods? How can you justify giving them the governance of this country especially during such a difficult global period in which you have to deal with all of these global challenges?”

Browne cautioned that to change his administration at the height of the country’s development would be careless.

“We have gathered significant momentum in this country and I want to say to you, the people of Antigua and Barbuda, you have to exercise immense responsibility. You cannot take the next general elections for granted. If you fail to vote for the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party government, then you are increasing the risk of the country in which, potentially, you can inadvertently turn over the governance of this country to a bunch of criminal elements,” the City West MP told his party’s supporters.

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