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Youth violence receives urgent Cabinet attention

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The recent rise in youth-on-youth violence in which cutlass-wielding teens have launched savage attacks against each other has come to the attention of the Cabinet.

The Cabinet reported that at its meeting on Wednesday, Minister of Education, Daryll Matthew, addressed the school gang fights and retaliatory actions of rivals.

The minister said while the police have been called-in, it is believed that the behaviour stems from the fact that the children involved come from dysfunctional homes.

The Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Social Transformation to prepare an urgent report on the situation and propose solutions for their consideration.

For months, several fights, some captured on camera, have emerged in which cutlasses have been used by school children to brutalise their peers.

Earlier this year, a teen was attacked outside the Princess Margaret School and almost lost a finger after he was ambushed and attacked by a group of teenagers.

The officials say the Cabinet’s intervention is timely.

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