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Young musician set t attend jazz festival in Cuba

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Khadijah Simon, a 19-year-old musician and entrepreneur hailing from Antigua
and Barbuda is thrilled to announce her acceptance to the highly anticipated 'Jazz
Emprende 2024' event, set to take place in Havana, Cuba, from February 27th-
29th, 2024. This extraordinary opportunity is made possible through the generous
sponsorship of the UNESCO Transcultura Programme, with the support of the
European Union.
This unique event, at the convergence of jazz music and entrepreneurial activity, is
poised to be a groundbreaking initiative fostering creativity, innovation, and
cultural expression within the Caribbean region. The Jazz Emprende 2024′ event
offers a dynamic platform for young entrepreneurs like Khadijah to enrich their
professional competence, enhance entrepreneurial skills, and partake in knowledge
transferred through masterclasses, workshops, and live concerts.
The UNESCO Transcultura Programme, through its sponsorship, is covering the
international mobility expenses for Khadijah, ensuring her participation in this
transformative experience. This includes round-trip flights, transfers,
accommodation, meals, and daily transportation in Havana.
I am truly grateful to have been selected for this incredible opportunity. The
support from the UNESCO Transcultura Programme will undoubtedly amplify my
entrepreneurial journey in the jazz music sector. I look forward to immersing
myself in the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Caribbean, connecting with
industry professionals, and gaining valuable insights to further develop my creative
project," expressed Khadijah.
The purpose of the sponsorship is to facilitate Khadijah’s growth by providing
access to entrepreneurship workshops, conferences, and networking activities with
key stakeholders from the international jazz market. The UNESCO Transcultura
Programme aims to not only empower young Caribbean entrepreneurs in the jazz
music sector but also to increase the visibility and recognition of Caribbean jazz,
enhancing the region’s cultural identity and heritage.
The impact of this sponsorship extends beyond participants’ personal growth, with
the potential to contribute to the development of the Cultural and Creative
Industries in the Caribbean. The Jazz Emprende 2024 event is expected to

stimulate collaborations, create job opportunities, and spur economic growth
within the jazz sector.

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