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Work to repair bridge at Cades Bay starts this week

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Teams from the Ministry of Works will be concentrating their efforts on carrying
out much needed repair work on the bridge at Cades Bay, that has been damaged
‘for some time.’
Director of Public Works, Alden Crump, said his teams have already completed a
temporary by-pass road in the area, that will facilitate the flow of traffic, while the
repairs are being done. The by-pass was completed last Friday and Saturday.
During this week, other teams will converge on the area to begin the actual repairs
to the bridge. “We have completed the surveying of the area, the designs have been
completed and the signs have been placed in the area to divert the traffic to the by-
pass as well as appeal for the cooperation of the motoring public, as we carry out
the repairs,” he stated.
According to the Director, the support base for the bridge was compromised by
rains sometime in the past, that led to the eventual collapse of the structure.
Recognising the importance of the repairs to the structure, the ministry of works is
prioritizing the bridge for the benefit of road-users.
Crump said the ministry has been ‘doing as much as it can’ with the resource
challenges that it faces. However, despite these challenges, the ministry is
committed to providing the nation with an adequate road network to serve the
growing needs of an expanding economy.
The ministry said in a statement, that the safety of motorists is paramount, and the
ministry apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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