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Work to install CCTV cameras in schools in progress

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Work to install closed circuit television surveillance cameras (CCTV) in schools across the island is progressing smoothly.

This is according to information minister, Melford Nicholas, who provided an update on the issue considering recent security breaches at several public schools.

The installation of CCTV cameras was one of several measures the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda announced last year to address break-ins and vandalism of public school plants.

At that time, the government said that the work would have begun during the second term of the school year which began in January 2023.

“The work has already begun. The Ministry of Education did indicate that they had come up with a quick and easy solution, and the vendor has presented a quotation which was accepted by the government through the Ministry of Education and the funding has already been approved and so…the rest of it – the whole question of implementation, procurement and installation and commissioning – …the Ministry of Education would have given themselves some time for the implementation and of course, it will be by a school by school basis, so… it will be a phased implementation basis,” Nicholas added.

The minister said he expects that most public schools will have cameras installed and operational by March this year.

Building strong rooms or large safes on school compounds was also proposed as a solution to secure high value items after school hours.

Additional lighting is also to be placed on public school campuses to improve security.

All schools will also be fenced so that access to campuses can be monitored.

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