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Unpaid lands to be re-assigned

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The Ministry responsible for lands has indicated that it intends to implement a
policy where land that was previously assigned will be reallocated if those to
whom the lands were earmarked fail to complete the payment in a week’s time.
Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister Lionel Max Hurst reported on the
policy, during Thursday’s post-Cabinet press briefing.
According to Hurst, more than two thousand parcels of land have been assigned
over a period lasting several years in most cases, and those persons to whom the
lands were originally assigned have failed to either pay anything at all for their
land or have failed to complete the payments.
“The Lands Division is about to re-assign those lands to others who have an
interest in not only acquiring them but paying for them as well. For those who may
wish to forestall your land being transferred to another, may I suggest that you
make the payments immediately to the lands division or enter into some
arrangement so that your interest in the land continues to be registered,” Hurst
He noted that the Lands Division will begin reassigning the unpaid lands to other
interested parties if payments are not made by June 1, 2023.
Hurst explained that many persons started and then discontinued the payments for
the lands but with a strong demand for land, the government is seeking to have
these reassigned if payments are not forthcoming.

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