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Two people are in custody in connection with Monday’s deadly shooting

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The police have picked up two persons in connection with the shooting death of
25-year-old Roudi Shmaly, who died while performing the role of a ‘Good
They were picked up within hours of the shooting that happened at approximately
1:00 pm on Monday. A police spokesman said the two are being questioned as the
investigations continue. No charges have yet been filed.
When charges are filed, it is expected that several charges could be brought against
anyone who they believe may have had a role in the incident.
In a statement, STRATCOM said the police continue to appeal to the public for
assistance with whatever information they may have, that may be relevant to the
ongoing investigation.
A male armed with a gun robbed the Pick n Mix Mart on DeSousa Road and
Shmaly, who operates the adjacent establishment, Chicken Hub, apparently heard
the commotion, went into the superette to investigate, and upon entry, he was
allegedly shot in the head at close range. He was rushed to the hospital but was
pronounced dead at the institution.
Anyone with information that can be of further assistance to the police is asked to
contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or call Crimestoppers
at 800-Tips (8477).

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