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Travelers pampered as Executive Lounge at VC Bird International reopens

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GEORGE, Antigua and Barbuda – 5th August, 2021 – The VC Bird International Airport is once  again welcoming passengers into its highly acclaimed Executive Lounge, which has been officially  reopened as Antigua and Barbuda witnesses a resurgence in airline travel.  

The pandemic left the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA) with no other option but  to temporarily close the lounge until yesterday, 5th August, when travelers were able to relax  and unwind in the facility once again.  

“Travel is coming back in a major way and with a number of adjustments and improvements,  the members of the hard working team at the airport ensured that the Lounge was ready to  host our visitors,” stated Minister of Aviation Sir Robin Yearwood. 

“We were very mindful of the health protocols so we made some changes to ensure that our  guests can not only feel comfortable but be assured of their safety on their last stop before  leaving Antigua,” Stacy Cabrall, the Executive Lounge Coordinator, further explained. 

The Executive Lounge is one of the proud and distinguishing features of the VC Bird International  Airport, offering travelers a tranquil sanctuary before their flights.  

The Lounge makes available modern day comforts in either its airconditioned interior or from a beautiful outdoor deck that provides breath-taking views of Antigua’s east coast and an up close  experience of the airline activity on the tarmac. 

It is perfect for the business traveler, who can find a quiet space on busy days to access the Wi Fi service to go through emails before leaving for their destination.  

Cabrall noted that the UK travelers have been exceptionally pleased upon hearing the news as  comfort is important for the long haul trips.  

“The staff has developed quite a reputation of catering to everyone’s needs,” she added. 

The Lounge has persistently earned rave reviews from the travelling public for its modern  facilities and exceptional service. As a result, the Executive Lounge has been deservedly added to a number of prestigious travel passes to include Diners Club, Lounge Key and Priority Pass, which  give their members access to lounges at international airports across the world.  

The Executive Lounge opens from 11am every day until the departure of the last international  flight from the VC Bird International Airport.

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