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Tim Hector’s family incensed over journalism award to “vile and senseless” social media personality

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The family of Leonard “Tim” Hector is warning against the use of the late Antiguan and Barbudan media giant’s name and legacy by unauthorised people and organisations.

Tim Hector was the Editor of the internationally acclaimed Outlet Newspaper, which until his passing in 2002, was the leading news publication in the country.

Hector’s signature brand of fiery but fair journalism which sought to ask hard and uncomfortable questions and find truth in the darkness secured his place as a legend in both local and Caribbean media.

The Outlet Newspaper was probably best known for Hector’s weekly editorial in the Thursday paper which was often sold out.

Often addressing issues of a political nature or those with impact on members of the African diaspora, he pulled no punches as he held a magnifying glass over the actions of the seemingly untouchable and held them to account.

With his contributions undisputed, Hector’s family expressed outrage and disgust in a press statement this week over the fact that the popular social media personality they have described as “vile and senseless” would receive an award for “outstanding contributions” to “journalism and activism”.

They also distanced themselves from the award and denied knowledge or involvement with it.

“Family members of the late Leonard Tim Hector and members of the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee are outraged by the claim made recently on a popular radio station that a certain vile and senseless social media personality had been awarded something referred to as a Tim Hector Award for Journalism.

“Not only do we disassociate ourselves completely from the ridiculous suggestion, but we find it absolutely offensive, and a direct affront to the memory of a man who was held in high regard internationally, for his journalism, his intellect and revolutionary activism.

“We ask that persons desist from unauthorised use of the name Tim Hector,” said the brief statement which was signed by Tim Hector’s son, Che Hector, and Lawrence Jardine, Chairman of the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee.

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