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The super yacht Alfa Nero goes up for sale effective April 1

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The Antigua and Barbuda government continues to hold important discussions on

the proposed auctioning of the super yacht, Alfa Nero, which has been moored in

the Falmouth Harbour for over a year.

Following the passage of the amendment to the Antigua Port Authority Act by both

houses of parliament, the way is now clear for the government to proceed with

putting the vessel up for auction.

The amendment places the onus on the government to advertise to all concerned,

the steps it wishes to take, and provide a ten-day period of notice. Under the new

law the vessel will become the property of the state at the expiration of the 10-day


“It will then cease being the property of a sanctioned person, nor will the vessel be

sanctioned. Under those conditions, a sale of the Alfa Nero will cause the resources

realized to become the property of the state. The law directs that the money

realized be placed in the Consolidated Fund,” a government spokesman explained.

He revealed that Antigua and Barbuda has already given the several creditors of

the Alfa Nero its commitment, to reimburse them from the proceeds of the sale.

The new purchaser would justifiably desire to own the vessel, free of liabilities,

and the Government wishes to ensure that its ownership under the law will be free

of any liabilities also.

According to the source, in just over a week, by 31 March 2023, the ten-day period

would have expired.

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