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TD Gomes said all course participants get chance to attain diploma

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National Technical Director Sowerby Gomes said all coaches are given the opportunity to attain a diploma in the coaching education programme being administered by the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA).

Thirty-seven coaches, comprising 15 females and 22 males, are currently enrolled in an ABFA B and C-License certification course, which commenced with the first phase at its Technical Center from 26th to 29th January, 2023.

The 37 participants will be given the opportunity to attain their coaching diplomas during the final phase of the ongoing training course, which will take place from 12th to 18th February for the males and the last week in February for the females.

However, Gomes said the participants who are unsuccessful in attaining their coaching diploma at the end of the current course, will be given further opportunities to achieve their licence certification.

“As it relates to either a pass or fail, there is no pass or fail grade when it comes to licensing of coaching. What you will find, after the end of the assessment period where each coach would have completed a number of hours and an evaluation is being done, if we are not seeing where they are supposed to be, there is further development for that particular course,” Gomes said.

“It is not that they have failed, but it’s just that they would like, let’s say, another two or three weeks for development. But after those additional weeks of development, we will do further assessment and give them that passing grade.”

The coaching course is a joint initiative between the national association and sub-regional governing body CONCACAF, the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association of Football.

Gomes said the joint initiative between the national association and CONCACAF is geared towards the continued development of the football coaches in Antigua and Barbuda via the ABFA coaches’ education programme.

Gomes said the coaches’ education programme will help the coaches to have a greater impact on the players, which will produce better results on the field of play.

“The ABFA in collaboration with CONCACAF is very much on the drive of coaches’ education and it’s our educational pathway to see a greater development of our coaches in Antigua because we recognize the more we can impact and empower our coaches, the greater impact we will see on our players on the pitch and get better results,” Gomes said.

“More than just the game itself, we are looking about building the individuals, whereas the coaches are also looking to build and shape their own lives, they are now able to build the young students lives as well.”

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