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SLBMC observes Patient Safety Awareness Week

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The Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre is this week observing Patient Safety

Awareness Week which focuses on the safe use of prescribed medication, among

other safety issues.

Spokesman Salma Crump said the Week runs from March 12 to18 with activities

for the in-house staff and others for the benefit of the public. As an example, on

Wednesday, there was a talk given at the hospital where the emphasis was on

prescription drugs and their use. Patients were encouraged to take these

medications at the correct times, indicated by the doctor and pharmacists, and to

ask questions if they are unsure of a particular matter.

“Our talk and our focus were for those older patients who may not see well, or hear

well, for them to ensure that they understand clearly the information from the

doctor regarding the medications,” she suggested.

Additionally, she said people who assist the elderly should familiarize themselves

with the correct usage of the medications before giving them to the patients.

Internally, Crump said the hospital staff was looking at issues such as quality

service and safety for patients at the institution.

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