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Security is paramount, says SIDS4 Director of Security Croft

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A comprehensive security plan will be in effect for the Fourth Conference of Small
Islands Developing States SIDS4, that takes place in Antigua and Barbuda from
May 27-30.
Security Director for the SIDS4 conference and Head of the Office of National
Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Col. Edward Croft, said the security plan includes
a traffic management plan, adequate security for the thousands of guests, some of
whom include presidents, prime ministers and senior officials of the United
Nations among others.
Col. Croft said the security apparatus will bring together all the key security
agencies of the country – the police, the defense force, the ONDCP, customs,
immigration, the airport, the seaport as well as with assistance from several
regional and international agencies.
“Security is paramount; security is quintessential to an enabling environment so we
want to make certain there is adequate security arrangements; there is an adequate
traffic management plan; and there is a response mechanism to any particular
incident. We are mindful that even from a disaster point of view that that too, will
impact on security. So, we have a team approach and a task force that is comprised
of several governmental stakeholders to ensure that there is collaboration, there is
adequate communication, there is constant communication and there are means in
which we all can support this particular effort to ensure that as we host this
conference, that this can be done in a safe and secure environment,” he declared.
According to the director of security, his aim is to have delegates attend the
conference and leave with such a good experience that they would say to
themselves, ‘I want to come back here for a vacation or some other such activity’.
“Our aim is to ensure that the environment is secure and safe and that the conduct
of the plenary and the movement of the visitors to and from the conference venue
can be done in a seamless and secure manner,” he emphasized.
As part of the security arrangement, no traffic will be allowed on the Jabberwock
Road for the duration of the conference. Only specific vehicles will be allowed into
certain areas. The Ministry of Works has completed a bypass road that will connect
parts of Hodges Bay to the airport.

Col Croft was among officials who addressed a meeting of over 200 volunteers on
Tuesday afternoon at the Sir John E. St. Luce conference Centre, during which a
question was posed about the operation od drones in the area.
His response was quite reticent, “There will be on aerial photography and we have
the means to deal with any such attempts to enter the air-space (around or near) of
the conference centre.”
The director of security is however appealing to all nationals and residents to come
together in a national effort to ensure the safe and orderly staging of this the
biggest event ever to take place in Antigua and Barbuda.
“There may be some inconveniences because of the restrictions in the traffic flow
because of the movement of VIP’s and others. We are therefore asking for the
patience and cooperation of all citizens and residents to help make it a success,” he

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