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Salvation Army Christmas Kettle launches this week

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Christmas preparations are now underway and a staple event of the merry season, the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle charity initiative, will launch on Friday.

The launch is scheduled to take place at Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy on Friars Hill Road at 10am.

A kettle will be posted outside the supermarket, and at several other locations across the country, until the end of the holiday season.

The annual Christmas Kettle event is the religious organisation’s main fundraising drive.

This year, they hope to raise EC$160,000.00 which will be used to support community outreach programmes including their food and clothes distribution initiatives.

The Salvation Army usually meets, and often exceeds, its financial goal.

Last year proved no different, despite the impacts of the pandemic, as the organisation reported raising just over EC$200,000.00.

The organisation says it is also welcoming volunteers who are interested in participating in the drive.

Volunteers may call 462-0115 or visit #36 Long Street Office to sign up.

The programme will run from 12th November to 24th December, 2022.

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