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Royal Drawing School Course Successful

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Fifteen (15) art teachers from across the nation have completed a six-week training
course from The Royal Drawing School (United Kingdom). The project was
initiated and managed by the Halo Foundation, in partnership with the Jumby Bay
Fund, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries, and the Workshop
Studio Art Gallery in English Harbour.
Governor General Sir Rodney Williams told the closing exercise, “This is the
second Royal Drawing School course that has been conducted in Antigua and
Barbuda. Last year, the training centered on the exchange of techniques, and the
honing of skills for the art teachers. This year, the emphasis was placed upon the
methodology of imparting expertise to the students within a classroom setting.”
Royal Drawing School facilitators, Cherry Pickles and Alexander Page, praised the
level of competence of the art teachers who participated, and referenced their
“dedication, talent and enthusiasm.”
Director of Education, Clare Browne told the graduating class: “If the single most
important element impacting the learning of students in the classroom is the
teacher, then we must do all that we can to strengthen teacher quality, and as a
consequence, enhance the quality of education offered. Continuous professional
development helps teachers improve their understanding of how to deliver
effective education and ensures they can adapt to the changing needs of the
President of the Halo Foundation, Lady Sandra Williams remarked: “100% of the
participants indicated that their repertoire had been expanded, with 34% hailing the
training course as “exceptional,” and 66% indicating that it was a “good
experience.” Lady Williams affirmed that “the Halo Foundation will continue its
work in all areas of nation building and youth development, including its support
and strengthening of culture and the arts.”
The closing ceremony was held at Government House.

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