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Robotics team pleased with performance in Geneva

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Though faced with a number of mechanical issues, Team Antigua and Barbuda
(DADLIBOTS) remained resilient and battled their way through their matches to achieve
their highest ranking of #24 out of the 180+ registered countries at the 2022 FIRST
Global Challenge that was held from 13 – 16 October 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.
The creative engineering skills of youth from around the world were put to the test as
they gathered to celebrate the beauty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
(STEM) innovation and collaboration toward making our world a better place.
A statement from Antigua and Barbuda Robotics outlined the Antiguan and Barbudan
team was not able to hold on to that important 24 th position. This was due in part to
technical difficulties faced by the alliances in the final set of ranked matches that limited
the total amount of necessary points that could even be earned.
The team’s final rankings along with other country teams will be announced by FIRST
Global on their website – (www.results.first,global) in the coming weeks.
Team Antigua and Barbuda was led by Teyanna Nathaniel and supported by engineer –
Ethan Bailey, Designer – Leyla Reid and Programmer – Deshini Charles were ecstatic
about the experience they have had and the opportunity to wave the twin island's
nation flag high in such an international arena – not only meeting their fellow Caribbean
counterparts but even countries they had never heard of before.
The annual Olympic-styled robotics competition that began in 2017 was themed Carbon
Capture and participating country teams were randomly paired up into alliances to
collect and remove game pieces that represented the overwhelming carbon pollutants
in our environment from the play field, then drive, shoot and climb using individually
designed robots to accumulate as many points as possible in a series of ranked matches.

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