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Record number of teams to contest  Three-Hand Domino League

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A record number of teams have registered to contest this weekend’s start of the Antigua and Barbuda National Domino Association’s (ABNDA) 2023 Three-Hand League at the association’s headquarters in Ottos.

Eighteen teams are registered to compete in the season opener, surpassing the previous association record of fifteen teams.

Among the registered teams are Bryden’s Stingray City, Bolans Revellers A, Bolans Revellers B, Bolans Revellers C, Bravo and Dominatrixx.

Also participating are Everyday Double 6 A, Everyday Double 6 B, Legacy, Future, Moise Eagle Warriors and Asot’s Parham Strikers, Anjo’s Ramplers, Rising Stars, Medicare Pharmacy Triple Dynamite, Unstoppables, Willikies Superstars A and Willikies Superstars B.

The Three-Hand League will be conducted using the format of three points for match winners, two points for the runners-up and one point to the third place finishers.

The Three-Hand League will be held over ten weeks and is expected to conclude in July, just before team Antigua and Barbuda departs for Guyana in August to contest the 2023 World Domino Tournament.

The 2023 domestic season of the ABNDA officially got underway with a March Past and Opening Ceremony on Saturday, 21st January.

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