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PM Browne to meet with PNO to resolve nurses’ issue

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne is taking a hands-on approach to amicably resolve
the issue that is at the heart of ongoing industrial unrest by a group of nurses.
According to a report from the Cabinet, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of
Health, Ena Dalso Henry was invited to Wednesday’s meeting to address the issue
which caused about 20 nurses and their supporters to picket the Ministry of Health
on Tuesday, and the Cabinet on Wednesday.
It appears that the Principal Nursing Officer (PNO), believing that a place on the
Midwifery Board is assigned to that office, objects to being left out.
The report said Cabinet examined CAP 281, the Midwifery Act, and agreed that the
PNO is not one of the offices mentioned in the Act. It was last amended in 1989.
Nevertheless, Cabinet has asked the Permanent Secretary to convene a meeting
with the PNO, the Attorney General and others in order to reach a compromise so
that the nurses can get back to caring for patients.
Point Express newspaper understands that appointment to the board is for a three-
year period, and with the current PNO nearing retirement, it was felt that it would
be more useful to have another person appointed to the board instead.
This decision apparently angered some nurses who participated in the protest
action on consecutive days.

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