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Participants at border training workshop score well

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The twenty-five participants who completed the international border control training session held jointly by the Immigration Department and the UK High Commission Office last week have all received high commendation.

Chief Immigration Officer, Katrina Yearwood, said she was proud of all the participants who performed exceptionally well.

Of the twenty immigration officers who attended the course, thirteen received a perfect grade in the final examination.

One of the two officers who attended from Montserrat achieved a 100 percent score as well.

At least one Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda officer also received a perfect score.

“Over the past four days you have been taught various subjects, among which is the heightening of your interviewing techniques.

“You have looked at behavioural assessments and how it is that those non-communicative factors or indicators will help you to detect and to combat impostors, the detection of fraudulent documents, and more importantly, those applicants who are desirous of getting either a residency or citizenship permit and they are coming before you with false information,” Yearwood said.

Yearwood added that these new skills will empower immigration officers to be more discerning when conducting interviews with people they encounter in the office and at the country’s many ports of entry.

She urged the officers to ensure that they put to good use the knowledge they have acquired and to share the information and skills they have learnt with their fellow officers.

“Each one teach one,” she declared.

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