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Organisers of Game Fest announce postponement of event’s finals

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The organisers of Game Fest, an event geared specifically at young men, have
announced the postponement of the event finals originally slated for October 22,
Spokesman for HM Promotions, Mr. Marlon Hunte, said the organisers agonized
over whether or not to postpone the finals, but in the end, they decided to delay the
finals out of concern over the recent incidents of youth violence.
“Game Fest has always prided itself on creating a safe and inclusive space for
participants within a family-friendly environment. However, the current
atmosphere of heightened violence amongst our young cannot be disregarded, and
the safety and well-being of our participants, staff, and attendees are of utmost
importance to us,” a statement issued on behalf of the organisers stated.
HM Promotions is extending apologies to all the finalists who have dedicated their
time and effort to practicing for the finals. “We understand the disappointment and
frustration this may cause, but we want to emphasize that this is a postponement,
not a cancellation. Once we are confident that youth violence is under control and
the safety of everyone involved can be guaranteed, we will proceed with the
finals,” the statement added.
Hunte said his team is prepared to continue to work closely with local authorities,
community organizations, and stakeholders to address the issue of youth violence
and implement measures to ensure the safety of all participants. Updates regarding
the rescheduled date for the finals will be communicated in due course.
He noted that HM Promotions remains committed to promoting a positive gaming
culture, fostering talent, and uniting the gaming community.

According to Hunte, Game Fest 2023 started in May with the preliminary rounds.
More than one hundred and forty mainly young men were involved in the earlier
events with just the Finals left to be concluded.

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